Osinbajo And The 2023 Race: Too Far, Yet So Close

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Even when it is not yet ripe to discuss 2023 General Elections, political analysts have taken over the media space to air personal opinions on this topic. Yes, I mean their opinions which are not the ways of God but mere display of human intelligence.

Although, human may be right in their analysis, but there is no way you can discuss 2023 general elections without mentioning the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo SAN. This shows his popularity and why all pundits are centered on him, needless we talk about the continuous media fight against him. This is more proof of his soaring acceptability among the average citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Although many columnists and political analysts may not want this to be clearly stated based on bias, the President has the right to shuffle his cabinet and reassign duties as it best suits him at any point during his tenure. Nonetheless, the brilliant minds and exceptional leaders will also stand out, such is the stature of VP Osinbajo.

Needful we say this, Osinbajo is the most active and the busiest Deputy in the history of Nigeria, performing excellently at every given opportunity. Testimonies of his brilliant performance can still be felt at his supervision of Trader Moni, a non-interest loan initiative from the federal government of Nigeria targeted at petty traders who require very little capital to startup or boost their businesses. The scheme had since gained global recognition, winning awards across Africa and beyond.

Just about three months ago, Nigeria, China, and India made the top 10 list of governments that have done the most in the past year to improve the ease of doing business in their countries, according to the World Bank Index.

With the Osinbajo-led Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC), Nigeria is still counting her gains as one of the most improved economies and investors’ destination. Evidently, the global ranking has affirmed the improvement, but some parochial driven mindsets of some individuals would still try to play down these achievements for political interest.

Even though, the Vice President wishes not to contest for the top seat in 2023, he is already a fulfilled man. Nevertheless, he didn’t lobby for the seat of the Vice President of Nigeria in 2014 but God singled him out and same can still happen in the nearest future.

The last time after tantrums were thrown at the vice president for his absence at public functions even though that was the first working week of the New Year 2020, the people replied with massive cheers at the VP when he attended the commissioning of project in Kano State. The only public figure that can get a more rousing welcome today is his boss, President Muhammadu Buhari.

Osinbajo will always stand tall irrespective of his tribe, political history and his geopolitical zone. Because he has shown capability, he is tested and also trusted at all times. Osinbajo remains the most academically educated to attain the seat of the Vice – President, and he is likely to repeat the same feat if he takes a shot at the top seat. You can take that to the bank.

Another factor various political analysts and columnists have failed to discuss is capacity and credibility over tribal, religion and political affiliations. If this is considered, then, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo SAN stands the chance with the masses always fully in support of the former university teacher.

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